Welcome to The Relief Leaf. We are excited to share our vision with you. This store was once a blog. We felt although the articles and the content was helpful to our valued readers many of them needed direction in choosing the best quality hemp CBD on the market.

We are proud to say we have sourced out the best suppliers for your choosing. Our mission is to empower you to make the best decision about using hemp CBD products for you, friends and family members.

We will continue to produce valuable content for our readers to help them make them an informed choice in purchasing CBD and give them support and direction.

Why Choose Us?

Third-Party Lab Tested for Purity

All products are tested for quality and proper amounts of CBD and to ensure they are free of pesticides, mold, heavy metals and other harmful elements that sometimes get into products.


CDPHE Certified

In the state of Colorado, our manufacturer is a CDPHE certified production facility. This means the facility is held to pharmaceutical grade standards and approved by government and public health so you can ensure you are getting safe, quality controlled products.

CPHE Certfiied


We ensure that the raw materials are pure and preserved as nature intended. All raw materials are GMO- Free. 


Leaping Bunny Certified

Our products are Cruelty-Free by International standards of the Leaping Bunny, a leading organization working to create a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals.

Leaping Bunny Certified

Our Promise to You

We ensure are products are held to the highest standard so we offer you peace of mind when purchasing, fast shipping, no hassle returns, and a secure checkout experience.



Have Questions?

We thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks, the store is now operational! To help us serve you better please contact us if you should encounter any issues. Thank you!

Please direct any questions to [email protected] and we’d be happy to help.