Ate Too Many Cannabis Edibles? These Tips Will Help Bring You Down Fast!

cannabis edibles

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Has this ever happened to you? You decided to buy some edibles to help medicate yourself, wait 30 mins, think they don’t work and then just over 1 hr later you find yourself sky high. The paranoia begins to set in and the world is spinning around you and you just want that ‘high’ feeling to go away?

I can tell you why this happened to you and how to bring yourself down from eating too many cannabis edibles. But first, let’s find out why you are getting so high in the first place. Lately, many people are experiencing this and the effects are not always pleasant.

Why am I getting so High?


Edibles are a great alternative to smoking, they can taste great and generally last longer in the body. Edibles are a great wellness option. So why is there so much controversy behind edibles?

Too much of a good thing

The problem with edibles is that they can be a super potent concentration of THC and it does not kick in until at least 1.5 hours after ingesting it on average. On the contrary, when smoking or vaping cannabis, the THC enters the bloodstream almost instantly the high feeling is felt right away. (See chart for an example of the effects of smoking vs. edibles over a period of time.)

Many people are unaware that edibles have a delay as it has to go through our digestive system and filter through our organs before it kicks in. As a result, many people tend to take more than they should as prescribed by their doctor, they think it isn’t working for them and in the end up feeling sicker than they were before.

cannabis edibles

The Amount You Take is A Factor

After you ingest edibles it is a rule of thumb you should at least wait until 1.5 hours to determine its effects. To avoid ‘overdoing it’ on edibles the key is to start off slow. Everyone’s body is different and will react differently. It is recommended to start out with about 10mg as suggested by leafly, who are experts in the cannabis realm.

Top Ways to Kill Your High

Below are some tips you can do to help bring down your high if you ate too many edibles.

Ate Too Many Cannabis Edibles? These Tips Will Help Bring You Down Fast! 1


It’s odd to think that a glass of milk can take you down but there is some truth to this. The reason being is Milk is high in fat and the THC binds to the lipids in your body thus reducing your high.


Another odd tip that isn’t just an old wives tale, is to chew on some peppercorns. It turns out our sniffing pepper or chewing on a couple peppercorns can help level you out. The reason for this is that pepper contains a terpene which could help with the THC-induced symptoms felt from the phytocannabinoids found in cannabis. Pepper has been known to reduce feelings of paranoia and anxiety, a common side effect of too much THC. Ate Too Many Cannabis Edibles? These Tips Will Help Bring You Down Fast! 2

Consume CBD Oil

It is true that taking CBD drops will definitely level you out and quickly. CBD negates the effect of THC and it can quickly reduce your high within a few minutes studies have shown.

The problem with CBD oil is that it needs to be legal in your state in order to consume it.

If you have medically prescribed CBD oil than you can use that at your leisure. A  1/4 of a dropper should do the trick.

If you do not have access to medical CBD or do not want to use too much of it because it is very costly, there is an option available to acquire Hemp CBD pure oil at a fraction of the cost.

Derived from Hemp, CBD Hemp oil – full spectrum is completely legal to purchase and consume. The amount of THC is very minimal and has no psychoactive properties, meaning you won’t get ‘high’.

Know your Limits

Once you’ve experienced an episode of overdoing edibles you most likely won’t do it again. Most people do not enjoy the experience as it can be intense and give you the opposite effects that you are trying to achieve. However, that shouldn’t make you fear the use of edibles, you just need to be more cautious and patient when you consume it. The chart above should give you an idea as to what to expect when consuming edibles and help you understand how it works.

Take CBD Only

THC does have many medical beneficial properties that can help heal the body. However, depending on your needs you may not necessarily need to consume THC and you can override the ‘high’ altogether by just using CBD. There are strains out there that are primarily CBD with a very low amount of THC, some are even low enough to have no psychoactive effects at all.

Take a Cold Shower

Splashing some cold water on your face or taking a shower will help bring down your heart rate, reduce palpitations and ease the stress you’re experiencing.

Take a Nap

Sometimes just relaxing in bed and just sleeping it off will be the best choice. If you just take a quick 30-90 minute nap it will drastically reduce the feeling and help calm your nerves.

So there you have it, here are some of the tips that help bring you down when you are feeling too high from the effects of edibles. I hope these tips will help you put your mind at ease and help you understand that being high may seem scary with the feeling of paranoia and all but it is an experience and nothing to fear.

No one can ever die from the consumption of cannabis, this is a fact. Not one case has ever been found. So you can relax, lay back and just take in the whole experience and know that next time maybe a little bit at a time might be a good idea. 🙂

Have you ever experienced over doing it with an edible ? Share your thoughts, questions, comments below!

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