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CBG Oil- Everything you Must Know

CBG oil - Everything you must know

Everything You Must Know About CBG Oil We’ve spent a considerable amount of time recently discussing how our legal – Okay,  almost-legal status of cannabis, thanks to the pro-marijuana movement, has given rise to many compounds like THC, CBD, CBN and more recently CBG. As CBG and 100+ other compounds in cannabis continue to explode […]

CBD Products on Amazon – For 420!

CBD Products on-Amazon

420 Amazon Deals for 2019 Amazon is the go to for most things nowadays, you can buy almost anything off of there with ease. There is even CBD products on Amazon and to celebrate 420, here are the top 5 hot items on Amazon handpicked for you to check out. 1. Boveda Retail Cube Humidifier/Dehumidifier […]

Where is Cannabis Legal in the U.S?

where is cannabis legal in the us

Want to know where cannabis is legal in the U.S? Well there is a map for that. Below is a map that highlights what states legalized medical marijuana and for recreational use as well. This map is from 2016 so it has evolved since then but this will give you an idea of where cannabis is […]

The Top 5 CBD/CanNabis Christmas Gifts on Amazon Right Now!

cannabis christmas

‘Tis the season for a Cannabis Christmas! Cannabis is all the hype nowadays as we continue to break through as legalization is taking place all around. What a great way to treat yourself or another with a gift that celebrates this. Below are the top 5 cannabis Christmas gifts on Amazon right now that I think […]

Canada Cannabis Legalization Oct.17 – What you can expect

Canada Cannabis Day

Canada makes history with the legalization of Cannabis set to take place on Oct. 17th, 2018! As this is a huge win, there are still some kinks to work out with the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. It is not a perfect system but it’s a step in the right direction, now people have safe […]

How to smoke a joint for the first time

smoke a joint for the first time

It’s Important For Us To State That Our Products Are Not Intended Or Marketed To Treat Or Prevent Any Diseases Or Symptoms Of Any Diseases* It is imperative for a cannabis consumer to learn how to roll a joint in order to smoke one. Below there are 10 steps you can follow that every beginner […]

7 best Portable Marijuana Vaporizers

7 best Portable Marijuana Vaporizers

Vaporizers can be the most secure, purest and best approach to smoke Medicinal marijuana. There are a great deal of portable vaporizers in the market. After some extensive research, trial and error below are the 7 best portable marijuana vaporizers to choose from for your medical cannabis needs, hand-picked for you to check out.   […]

Hemp CBD oil side effects – What are they?


*It’s Important For Us To State That Our Products Are Not Intended Or Marketed To Treat Or Prevent Any Diseases Or Symptoms Of Any Diseases.* Hemp CBD oil is considered legal across the states but have you had any side effects as a result of using it? I can tell you what I gained from […]