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Benefits of Vaping Medical Marijuana

Benefits of Vaping Medical Marijuana

Benefits of Vaping Medical Marijuana

Benefits of Vaping Medical Marijuana 700 350 Dawna

There are tons of ways to use cannabis, some are not exactly healthy for you but it may look cool. Vaping is a popular method people have been using nowadays. When you want to treat yourself medically with cannabis, you will want to ensure that you are using the best and safest method possible. This is so you can reduce issues that may result from smoking. Below we will explore the benefits of vaping medical marijuana.


Benefits of Vaping Medical Marijuana

There are various techniques for consuming medical marijuana, with vaporization being a standout amongst the most suggested.

Medical marijuana vaporizers are gadgets that heat up cannabis at simply the correct temperature to extract the dynamic, most therapeutically useful segments of cannabis.

Once the cannabis is heated, patients can breathe in the vapour, and get quick alleviation from stress and pain. Just a few small puffs is all it takes.

Vaporizing medical marijuana has a one of a kind advantage when compared to smoking or eating it. Some of these benefits are:


Vaping medical marijuana is toxin and tar free

When smoking marijuana opens oneself to the danger of numerous undesirable toxins, tar and other harmful chemicals. These can build up in the lungs over time and create all sorts of respiratory issues in the long run.

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On the contrary to smoking, vaporization discharges dynamic compounds in marijuana into a breathable form without discharging the toxic compounds.

Vaping activates the cannabinoids at a higher percentage then you would if you were to smoke it. This allows you to vape at maximum efficiency.

There are over 100 cannabinoids in Marijuana, and these compounds  impact our inner bodies, shield our nerve cells, impact our state of mind, memory, development, hunger and sleep.








It protects your respiratory organs

It is believed that smoking cannabis is less destructive than smoking tobacco. In addition, is also known and been proven that smoking can lead to major symptoms like respiratory infections and malignancy. “Smoking marijuana clearly damages the human lung, and regular use leads to chronic bronchitis and can cause an immune-compromised person to be more susceptible to lung infections.” (American Lung Association)

In cannabis smoke, the resultant reduction in clinically evident harms to lung health is smaller than that likely to result from substituting e-cigarettes for smoked tobacco due to the comparatively greater harms of tobacco than cannabis smoking to lung health. Benefits of Vaping Medical Marijuana

The resolution to combat this is vaporizing. When you vape, the top remedial compounds are discharged. Vaporizers heat cannabis material at low temperatures, but just enough for the resin glands of the plant melt and create a steam that can be inhaled.

Vaporizers do not combust the plant material, meaning that this tar stays out of your lungs and the active ingredients are ready to be inhaled. The toxins ingested are significantly reduced as a result. “The majority of studies suggests that vaporizers adequately reduce the risk of pulmonary symptoms” ( and many medical cannabis users claim that vaping is easier on the throat and lungs especially those that have lung conditions such as COPD.

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(Source: vapornation)


It provides Immediate alleviation

Vaping medical Marijuana has a quick turnover, which means it can provide you with immediate pain relief as compared to using other methods, such as marijuana edibles. Edibles can take a 1 hr-1.5 hrs for it to take effect. Thus, vaping can help you manage your pain and symptoms much quicker.


  Controlled dosage

Vaporizing conveys the most intensity while still offering control on dosage. Some say if a patient consumes small amounts of vaporized medical marijuana, he or she will get the same treatment as compared to those who consume large amounts.

In addition, you can also purchase a disposable cartridge with a specific amount of content to ensure you’re getting a properly measured dose each time.


 Therapeutically Potent

Benefits of Vaping Medical Marijuana

Vaporization of medical marijuana is an extremely successful approach to treat side effects from pain, disease and a variety of issues.

Sedating with a marijuana vaporizer has helped many people whose agony and manifestations couldn’t be lightened through conventional prescriptions or treatment.

In fact, there has a been a steady increase of medical cannabis users that prefer this method as opposed to the conventional medicine.

A study conducted by Health affairs concluded that “for pain, the annual number of daily doses prescribed per physician fell by more than 11 per cent. ” (CBC News) 


As legalization continues across the globe, there will be a steady increase of cannabis users switching from pills to green to help manage their symptoms.


Vaping Materials

Depending on your needs, there are all kinds of methods to vape cannabis. Each has their own uniqueness to them and perks. The most common materials you can vape are:

Benefits of Vaping Medical Marijuana

Dry Cannabis

This material is grounded down to finer granules before being vaporized. With certain vapes, users can choose specifically from a range of temperatures to heat up the dry herb.


A much higher potency vaping wax and/or oil is a concentrated form of cannabis that generally requires a pen-style unit. So the heating chamber can deliver maximum effectiveness for when you inhale.



So as you can see there are many different ways to vape cannabis as well. Each method depends on your own preference. Of course first things first you will need to buy a good quality vaporizer to suit your needs.

If vaping is not for you there are many other methods available to you. One, in particular, is using Cannabidiol it is a great alternative to vaping and smoking and it carries many benefits.

I hope this post helped you understand the benefits of vaping medical marijuana as opposed to smoking it. I am sure there are many more benefits to vaping as well.

All in all vaping cannabis supercedes smoking it. It is better for your health in every way. When you think of it, a vaporizer is like a technologically advanced water bong that is compact and convenient. Where you can also reuse the resin over again for maximum efficiency. A cutting edge above the rest.

Do you vape your medical cannabis? How has it helped you? Share your thoughts!

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