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CBG Oil- Everything you Must Know

CBG oil - Everything you must know

Everything You Must Know About CBG Oil We’ve spent a considerable amount of time recently discussing how our legal – Okay,  almost-legal status of cannabis, thanks to the pro-marijuana movement, has given rise to many compounds like THC, CBD, CBN and more recently CBG. As CBG and 100+ other compounds in cannabis continue to explode […]

CBD Products on Amazon – For 420!

CBD Products on-Amazon

420 Amazon Deals for 2019 Amazon is the go to for most things nowadays, you can buy almost anything off of there with ease. There is even CBD products on Amazon and to celebrate 420, here are the top 5 hot items on Amazon handpicked for you to check out. 1. Boveda Retail Cube Humidifier/Dehumidifier […]

The Top 5 CBD/CanNabis Christmas Gifts on Amazon Right Now!

cannabis christmas

‘Tis the season for a Cannabis Christmas! Cannabis is all the hype nowadays as we continue to break through as legalization is taking place all around. What a great way to treat yourself or another with a gift that celebrates this. Below are the top 5 cannabis Christmas gifts on Amazon right now that I think […]

Top Black Friday Amazon Deals for Hemp Products

Amazon Deals for Hemp Products

It’s here, the Black Friday craze where everyone freaks out and buys impulsively. Why bother getting trampled on by the crowds and wait in long lineups when you can order the same products online? There are massive benefits ordering online especially when some areas do not sell hemp products. I did all the research to […]