Compassionate Programs for Medical Cannabis – Do you qualify?


USA Compassionate Care Program

Below are some Cannabis Compassionate Care programs from non profits, dispensaries or licensed producers you can have access to for patients that are low income, terminally ill, and/or veterans in the USA. Each program will have its own eligibility requirements. Visit their website for details to see if you qualify.


Healthy Choices Unlimited


Healthy Choices Unlimited

They offer a discount for military service to patients with a current US military or Veterans ID card.

They also provide discount Gift Certificates to dispensaries to give their low-income patients as the dispensary sees fit.

Compassionate Care of Connecticut


Compassionate Care Center of CT 

CCC’s Compassionate Need program provides medication to qualifying patients that do not have the resources to pay the cost of what their treatment plan requires.

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Sweetleaf Collective

Provides free medical cannabis to HIV/AIDS and Cancer patients by bicycle delivery locally.

First State Compassion Center


First State Compassion Center

FSCC offers discounts for medicine to qualifying low-income patients, veterans and seniors.



Offers discounts to help patients who meet specified eligibility criteria.

Hawaii Compassionate Care



Hawaii Compassionate Care

Offers an ‘exchange for services’ rather than money.

Dispensary 33


Dispensary 33

A program for patients with chronic illness facing financial hardship.

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Chicago Compassion Club

Provides a reduced fee for veterans or people enrolled in Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability program.

Compassionate Care Consultants


Compassionate Care Consultants

Compassionate care discounts for veterans and the disabled on the initial visit.

Central Compassionate Care


Central Ave Compassionate Care

A non-profit Massachusetts Registered Marijuana Dispensary committed to providing the best quality cannabis and cannabis infused products to registered patients.



Minnesota Medical Solutions

Special discount program launched for active military and veterans


New Hampshire

Sanctuary ATC

A not-for-profit organization, heavily focused on charitable activities that help bring alternative medicine to patients in the State of New Hampshire. Offers medication discounts for qualifying patients.

Green Compassion Network


Green Compassion Network

Offers veteran discounts and a payment plan for qualifying patients.

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The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP)

Provides 20% off at dispensaries by exempting you from the state-imposed marijuana tax on recreational marijuana products on qualifying conditions.

Compassionate Certification Centers


Compassionate Certification Centers

Compassionate Certification Centers focuses on medical marijuana education while providing support and guidance to patients.

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Rhode Island

Thomas Slater Center

Offers a compassion program for qualifying patients. Discounts are offered to veterans, seniors, and qualifying low income patients. 

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 VT Patients Alliance
A dispensary that provides a safe, comfortable and legal environment for our patients to access premium quality Cannabis and Cannabis-infused products.
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Compassionate Cultivation 
Provides safe and affordable medical cannabis to those suffering from epilepsy. Donates and supports The Epilepsy Foundation of Central South Texas.
Dockside Cannabis


Dockside Cannabis

There is no sales tax + an additional 10% Patient Discount.

Special 20% “Patient Plus” discount for veterans and those over 60.

Compassionate Certification Centers

West Virginia

Have a Compassionate Care Program you would like to see in this list? Contact me to get on the list.

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