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Let's face it medical cannabis is ridiculously expensive. You can pay anywhere to $8-$12 a gram.

When doctors prescribe you a gram a day that can add up real fast! It's almost impossible to buy good quality seeds from a licensed producer or dispensaries. That would take away their control or you will pay insane amounts just for medical seeds.

I Love Growing Marijuana straight from Amsterdam has been cultivating all forms of cannabis for over 25 years. The owner is Rob Bergman and he is an expert in the cannabis industry growing top shelf product in Amsterdam.

Buy Marijuana Seeds - USA shipping

The choice of seeds is overwhelming, there are tons to choose from:

Beginner Seeds - Certain strains that are easy to grow

  High Yield - Produce more Cannabis for your buck

  Medical Strains - Certain strains that are in demand for medical purposes

  High THC - For people looking to seek high THC

  High CBD - For people looking to seek high CBD

 I Love Growing Marijuna Perks

 24/7 Expert Grow Support- on a forum and receive the 'Grow Bible'

 Free Worldwide Shipping

 Guaranteed Delivery - Don't get your seeds? You will get them reshipped for free.

 Guaranteed Germination



Here is what others have said from their website.

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Q: where to buy the seeds?

A: You can buy it directly from the manufacturer through this link.

Q: Is it safe to purchase?

A: They use stealth packaging guarantees delivery, so customs will not find the seeds. Your transcript will not have any marijuana-related payments on it and the package itself has no marijuana references in or on it.

Q: How is shipping guaranteed?

A: If your order does not arrive, or gets seized, they will ship your seeds again. For free! 


Buy Marijuana Seeds - USA shipping

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