How to smoke a joint for the first time

smoke a joint for the first time

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It is imperative for a cannabis consumer to learn how to roll a joint in order to smoke one. Below there are 10 steps you can follow that every beginner needs to know on how to smoke a joint for the first time.

1. Break It Down

Kiefy Kief CatchBefore you start rolling a joint, you have to break it down. Your weed has to be in a smoked form. It is crucial to use grinders because they provide a consistent structure and smoke. All you have to do is grind the weed into an even consistency before rolling it up.




2. Prepare the Filter

Take a piece of filter paper and create whatever shape you want, ensuring that there are no wide gaps in it. After that, the remaining filter paper should be rolled tightly around that shape.

The role of the filter is to block any free weed from entering your mouth. It also allows you to finish the joint without resin coming close to the mouthpiece or burning your fingers.

Putting a filter in your joint is not compulsory. Hence it will depend on your personal preferences. But it is better for you to inhale this way.

3. Put It on Paper

Before you get going, it is necessary to get the best rolling papers for such as: Raw King, Smoking King Size Deluxe, OCB X-PERT Slim Fit, Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers all these can be found on Amazon.

Smoking weed on paper is the best way to enjoy it. If you don’t have a good rolling paper, you can’t roll a perfect joint.  Before putting the cannabis on paper, you have to decide where to put your filter. It can either be at the top or the bottom of your joint.

The two most prevalent styles of joint include the pinner and the bat. This is weed terminology.

Pinners are vertical joints that resemble cigarettes.

Bats have a cone-looking shape which is similar to a trumpet. A pinner is much stealthier than a bat.

Bats are suitable for individual smoke sessions because the weed burns out fast. It also gives you the chance to taste the flower you’re using. When rolling a bat, enable to increase the amount of weed as you move away from the filter. When you finish adding weed into your joint, you can begin shaping your joint.

Shaping your joint is straightforward. All you have to do is use your thumbs and forefingers to roll the non-sticky side up and down until the joint has a cylinder-looking shape. When the weed is perfectly shaped, it becomes simple to roll a tight joint without any gaps.

See below for a very informative video on how to roll a joint.

4. Tuck

Tucking your joint is a technical step, and you need to be careful while doing it. Mastering the art of tuck is very important for any aspiring joint roller. The technique is to begin at the upper end which has the filter and tuck the paper around that then shift your thumb to the lower end while tucking the rest.

5. Roll & Lick

After tucking your weed, roll it until you see the glue-end. Use your tongue to add moisture and pat it down on one end. Carefully pat the rest of the joint until it is all sealed up. At that point, you can smoke the weed.

However, there are extra steps to rolling a joint. Firstly, ensure that your weed is tightly rolled. Use a small stick to push the weed closer to fill any gaps in the joint. Try not to over press the weed because it will reduce the airflow.

How to smoke a joint for the first time 1

6. Twist & Light it Up

This step depends on when you want to smoke the joint. If you plan on burning it in the night before going to bed, then you should definitely twist the end adjacent to the filter. If you find difficulties wrapping it, then add a bit of moisture to it and twist.

However, covering the bottom of your joint isn’t compulsory. If it’s easier for you to light up your joint from where you rolled it, then there’s no need to twist it.

7. Draw into Your Mouth First then inhale into your lungs

Woman smoking marijauana
When you light up your joint, draw the smoke into your mouth before inhaling into your lungs. This method enables the joint to burn consistently.

If you smoke cigarettes, then it won’t be difficult. However, beginners have to use their cheeks to draw the smoke into their mouths.

After drawing the smoke into your mouth, take a deep breath of fresh air – this will push the thick smoke into your lungs with a blend of oxygen.

When you follow this process, it will lead to a clean, flavorful hit without any coughing and irritation due to the addition of fresh air.

8. Use a Rhythm, like Yoga

This step has to do with a simple 4-2-4 count. Gently Inhale for four seconds, pause briefly for two, and exhale softly for four.

Perform this process ten times, thrice a day to develop a new breathing system in your subconscious. After that, it will become a reflex action every time you smoke.

9. Add Fresh Oxygen

When smoking, it is essential to move joint away from your lips during the last second of inhalation and draw fresh oxygen into your lungs in addition to the smoke, sending it further down into your lungs. The mixture of diaphragmatic breathing and stacking oxygen will massively enhance the power of every hit you take.

10. Don’t hold it longerhow to smoke a joint for the first time

When smoking, always take a two-second pause, before letting the smoke lose. You don’t have to keep your breath for more than two seconds. You’ll start feeling the full effects immediately the smoke reaches your lungs, unless you are smoking strictly CBD without THC or low amounts of it then there will be no psychoactive effects.

How much cannabis should you take?

Some people can become incoherent after taking only a few drags of joint and it may be too much for the person. So it is imperative that the amount of cannabis you should take is similar to the amount of sugar you put in your tea. It varies on your taste so take as much you want and as much you can handle.

Beginners can experience increased heart rate, shaky hands and more if taken too much. The key is to go slow and try more as you build up a tolerance to it.

If you find yourself ‘too high’ from the result of smoking with THC, there are measures you can do to help bring you down.  As I stated in another post when you take too much edibles it can result in the feeling of being ‘too high’.

The steps you can take to help bring you down are the same can be applied as if you were smoking it. The reason being is because it is the THC that causes that high feeling. If you follow the steps outlined in the other post on the ‘Top Ways to Kill Your High’  you will find it will help you.

A person that smokes regularly can smoke ten joints in a day and still live a healthy life without any signs of being affected by it.

All in all, it is advisable to smoke responsibly, it all depends on your body, your lungs, the strain and your choice.

However, there are actually some benefits to smoking pot regularly, as mentioned from a site called ‘Marijuana Mommy’. This site is a great resource for people that would like to know more information about using cannabis from a cannabis nurse.

Alternatives to smoking

There are various other methods to ingest cannabis, one, in particular, is vaping and can be a great method to use. Unlike smoking, it is easier on the lungs and at certain temperatures, you get to activate the full effects of the cannabinoids. You can compare smoking and vaping and read about the benefits of vaping marijuana and decide for yourself.

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