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PTSD and Cannabis – How One Man is Coping

PTSD & Cannabis

PTSD and Cannabis – How One Man is Coping

PTSD and Cannabis – How One Man is Coping 700 467 Guest

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Medical cannabis in Canada was made legal in 2001, but even so, many people did not use it medicinally as there was still too much stigma around it. Many people were shamed for using it and the conventional healthcare system definitely did not support it.

One doctor broke the boundaries of this stigma and suggested this as a treatment protocol for Kevin Dunne, a war veteran of Canada. He shares his story about how he turned to cannabis to help him cope with the after effects of war. Read his story below on PTSD & cannabis.

Where it All Began

I was born Feb 1971 and raised in Newfoundland. While I was still in high school, I decide to join the reserves. The Royal Newfoundland Regiment where I served for 5 years in 1989 – 1994. Most of my time with them was served within Canada, providing civil aid.

PTSD & Cannabis

Kevin in Bosnia in 2002

In September of 1994 I was picked up for the Regular Forces where I served with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. During my service I was able to help many Canadians with security and natural disaster relief. Haiti and Africa in 96, Manitoba Flood in 97 and 2011, Ice storm of 97, Fires in Slave Lake in 2000, the G8 Summit of 2002, The Winter Olympics of BC, A tour served in Bosnia in 2002, then in 2008 I served in Afghanistan.   

Kevin’s Last Mission

This turned out to be my last mission for I was involved in an IED strike on my armoured car. It was a triple stack anti-tank mine that took out my car. From this incident I developed injures which later I was released from the military. I then retired as a sergeant. 

Coping with Meds

Upon my release I was taking 9 prescription medications a day which resulted in tearing up my stomach and keeping me in a medicated state. A year after my release my doctor suggested I use cannabis for my night terrors and sweats. But, at this time my doctor was not willing to prescribe.

Discovering CannaConnect

Kevin & CannaConnect

The CannaConnect team. (Kevin in the back middle)

Lucky for me there was a company out there called CannaConnect. Through them I was able to obtain a prescription and receive advice on how to use cannabis as a medicine. After a year of use I decided to help out in this industry for it helped me to obtain a better quality of life. 

Moving Forward to a New Beginning

So now I volunteer as a cannabis educator for CannaConnect. Since I have started here, I have been able to help over 500 people in their journey to a healthy way of living. As for me I now use cannabis for everything, from oils, to vaping, topical creams and on rough nights a bit of FECO (Full Extraction Cannabis oil).

CannaConnect, helps connects Canadians by proving safe access to medical cannabis. They specialize in treating individuals in the military. CannaConnect is dedicated to providing personalized care to military veterans and their families as well as those still serving.

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Kevin Dunne Cannabis Educator

687 Water Street West

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